When you decide to implement a real-time marketing strategy, it’s important to understand how search plays into your efforts. Not only will you need to conduct searches to find out what is happening within your community, but your customers will conduct searches as well. As you conduct real-time marketing, you will want your audience to find the information and content that you push out.

Boost Your Facebook Posts

When you are using real-time marketing strategies, it’s important that you spend money to advance your real-time strategy. Since it is real time you don’t have the luxury of waiting for the information to gain momentum. Instead, spend the money to promote the post.

Pay for Ads on Google

Promote your real-time answers, products, and services with Google so that the most audience members will see the information as quickly as possible. Using paid Google Ads and buying the right keywords, or displaying ads that will display where your audience goes, will make it that much more likely your efforts are noticed.

Use Popular Hashtags

When an event occurs, a hashtag is often developed. If you can relate your post to the hashtag, you’re more likely to get seen by those who are following that particular news when they search for information based on that hashtag.

Plan in Advance

This might seem contrary to the idea of real-time marketing but the truth is you can make an outline of actions to take in advance. Additionally you can plan in advance which products that you might push out based on various information that comes to light during the real-time marketing push.

Develop Guidelines

It’s important that guidelines are created based on knowledge of your products, services, and audience so that nothing is pushed out that contradicts these values due to the real-time effort.

Monitor Customer Sentiment

One way to use search is to monitor real-time customer sentiment. Use social media like Twitter to search for keywords that relate to your products, service, industry or company to help.

Use Email to Push Information

When you have sent out a real-time marketing message on social media, why not add the same information to an email newsletter blast, a blog post, or other areas so that you show up more in the search.

Real-time marketing is an important way to get to know your audience better, help them to get to know your business better and to ensure that your values match. The more effort you spend on real-time marketing, the better all your online marketing collateral will work for you. Your website, blog, social media, groups, and communities will reflect the effort that you put into real-time marketing.