Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are a great way to break into online advertising without spending a fortune. You can start with a small budget and over time see huge returns on your investment. But before even starting, it’s important to understand all the different goals you can have in mind for your PPC campaign.

1. Build Your List

Email lists are a lucrative way to market your services and products. You get people to agree to receive marketing message from you via permission-based marketing. That is, they sign up on their own free will to get the messages. Usually, they get a free gift of some sort for signing up.

2. Promote an Event

Short-term goals are really great to fill with PPC campaigns. Events usually have a set date that they are going to happen, and this bodes well for pay per click because people do not like to miss out. With a deadline approaching, people are more likely to sign up if they hear about it via PPC.

3. Sell Your Signature Product

Do you have a product or service that you’re known for? Or, that you want people to know about? Starting a PPC campaign to promote a signature product or service is a great way to get more people to buy it. You can let your ad send them to a video on your website and to an order or contact page.

4. Get More Followers

If you are trying to build up a community on Facebook, running a promoted post advertisement or another type of PPC campaign to get awareness for your group can do wonders for getting more followers.

5. Get More Engagement

You can run promoted posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to get more engagement on a particular post that you want to see people respond to. When you get the engagement though, be sure to respond back to increase the effect.

6. Promote a Contest

If you have a contest without PPC, you may end up very disappointed in the results. Contests are wonderful ways to build your list and get more awareness about your brand.

7. Close More Sales

PPC can also be used to promote a direct product for direct sales instead of promoting a list or a post. Sometimes people just want what you have to offer and they want it now, not later. Create an awesome sales page and the PPC ad can link directly to the sales page for best results.

8. Retarget Consumers

A great use of PPC is to retarget people who have seen your website and offerings but did not buy. Bringing them back is an excellent use of PPC campaigns because sometimes people just left because they got busy and the reminder to go back will help.

Using PPC campaigns is a great way to improve your business, get the word out and brand yourself. You can also build an email list, make direct sales and more to market your business – whether it’s online or offline. It’s up to you.

Running PPC campaigns is not something you should do if you have no experience. Each platform has different options, goals, and requirements. If you’ve thought about running paid ads but don’t know where to start. Reach out to our team and let us strategize with you based on your budget and desired outcome.